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Come and visit us at the Sistera of Rendola, you will be fascinated by our room and the view you will enjoy, but what you will remember will be our flavors. If you prefer us to satisfy your tastes wherever you want, our catering service in over ten years experience has set up events in every type of location, always combining taste and efficiency

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Franca Catering

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Travel bins, microwave dinners, a fast food and a cutting pizza, we look forward to you when you have time to stop and listen to our story. Because we do not only taste flavors in our dishes, we share them with our passion, enriching every day simple recipes with small details that make them unique, choose the ingredients of ours, respecting the work needed to make a good meat or to ensure a vegetable all its flavor, we tell you about our story and want to become an unforgettable moment of yours.

For Your Special Days

LOVE and PASSION draw the lines around which raises our project of catering.

Franca Catering